Stoneless Incorporated is a non-profit and non-commercial organization, founded in 2016 by Salma Sikander. We are committed to helping people in need, the poor, and victims of domestic violence raise their voice for justice and equality. Stoneless is the need of the hour as the rise of domestic violence, homelessness and denial of basic rights such as education is more and more common in third world countries like Pakistan. Salma had an ache for those in need after visiting Pakistan and having a close look of what it is like living a day-to-day life in this country; she is the founder and president of Stoneless with a team from around the world. The organization has three leading projects underway including a shelter home for those who are victims of domestic violence, an orphanage for the children, and a school for the children who are deprived from their basic right of education. In the upcoming year, Stoneless has a plan in store to create a building that is a safe and welcoming environment for all those in need of the support. Stoneless Inc. has bought an Acre of land in Punjab to start their projects of building this safe space physically.